“there is no new creation without a tradition that nurtures it,
nor a tradition that can survive without a creation that renews it.”
– carlos fuentes

our design studio works to translate the essence of centuries-old traditions into collections that unveil their varied influences and pay homage to their heritage. bound by a sharp eye and an adventurous spirit, we find inspiration in the unexpected alchemy of cultures colliding.

ours are bold, storied pieces, at once raw and refined. hand-formed detailing is met with clean lines and sophisticated silhouettes.
it’s design distilled to its most essential layers – a delicate intermingling of texture, time and tradition.

each one of our collections is borne out of a strong collaboration with master artisans, and is reflective of the varied minds, hands, and histories that lead to its creation. the results unfold as a kind of conversation, belonging not to a single time or place but to the dialogue from which they were imagined and the hand-in-hand partnership from which they were formed.

strongly in the power of the handmade: the sense of uniqueness imbued in the pieces, the connections that bind an object to its origins, and the luxury that comes from their feeling weighted in the world.

laura aviva, a former creative director for travel + leisure magazine, the l’aviva home team has spent years scouring hidden corners on every continent to build a network of expert makers to whom we are deeply committed.

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