LR Special Project Featured


In the initial stages of designing their Spring 2018 Collection, Loeffler Randall developed concepts around images and artistry from the upper Andes, with pictures of Bolivian frazadas and Andean textiles covering their inspiration boards. And with this as the springboard, Loeffler Randall approached us seeking to create something at once both wholly unique to them and also true to tradition.
Through each stage of the process of developing and producing elements of this collection, l’aviva home acted as a conduit between Loeffler Randall and the Aymara group we have long partnered with on our Alpaca Pillow Collection. Working with mutual understanding and respect for both the design team in New York and the artisan community in Bolivia, we created an exclusive design with Loeffler Randall and made it a reality.
For this collection, a full mile of alpaca webbing was woven in and around the town of Challapata, using the same backstrap loom weaving technique from which traditional frazadas have been woven since pre-Colombian times.
There’s something essential woven into this fabric. Traditionally, the Aymara use frazadas for warmth in the cold upper Andes, and as picnic blankets for communal midday meals. Each textile is a living expression of a maker’s local identity, with individual colors and designs that represent his or her lineage.
For Loeffler Randall, that individuality fit beautifully into their ethos. Shoes and handbags from this collection are adorned with these luxe rainbow-striped alpaca accents – with each piece feeling both personal and universal, connecting weavers with wearers.