ombre jewel toned tapered candles paired with hammered copper candle holders. the perfect holiday gift.


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Made exclusively for l’aviva home in Oaxaca from 100% beeswax, our OMBRÉ CANDLES derive their deep, jewel-toned hues entirely from natural dyes indigenous to the region. The progression of color from light to dark is achieved via an intricate, many-layered drip process – with no two candles ever exactly alike. This collection pays ode to the role that ritual plays in Zapotec culture, with candles and light taking center stage in every celebration.

To create our COBRE CANDLE HOLDER capsule collection, we returned to our workshop in Michoacán — run by Sergio, a fourth generation coppersmith — where our COBRE LIGHTING COLLECTION had its genesis. using the same time-honored techniques, each of the candle holders is coaxed to form and textured through hundreds of individual hammered strokes.

The flickering light and soft reflections of color from the candles play beautifully off the tiny contours of indented copper and the subtle curves of each vessel’s shape.

indigo candles, set of 2

emerald candles, set of 2

magenta candles, set of 2

ochre candles, set of 2

sage candles, set of 2

grey candles, set of 2

ombre candles, set of 6

cobre candle holders, set of 6

small, set of 2

medium, set of 2

tall, set of 2

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