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shyrdak rugs, graphic and bold handwoven wool rugs once used to line the walls of yurts.


Felt art, known as shyrdak, is an age-old tradition of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. part mosaic, part quilt, the interlocking patterns and distinctive borders of shyrdak combine to create a rich tapestry. The designs incorporate images of sacred myths and symbols, with colors reflecting the balance in nature and the cyclical rhythm of the nomad’s world.

Inspired by the beauty of the shyrdak and the desire to sustain and foster
this ancient craft, we have collaborated with master artisans in Kyrgyzstan
to create a bespoke collection.

The shyrdak in our collection are made to custom order. Lead time is 8-10 weeks. custom sizes + color combinations also available. Email for more information.

tumar rug

narwooz rug

jailo rug

jashtyk rug

muras rug

maral rug

karakol rug

altay rug

tulpar rug

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