These modern flat weave rugs, which make up our new Sombra Collection, are hand-loomed in the rural Mexican town of Teotilan de Valle, which has maintained the essence of its native Zapotec culture in passing down the art of rug-weaving from one generation to the next.

The organic striations which give these rugs their notable character are a result of our workshop’s master knowledge in utilizing natural pigments to achieve a vibrant spectrum of color and tonality.

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indigo handwoven flatweave rug with large ombre striations.

$36 / square foot

green ombre area rug and runner with textured striations

$36 / square foot

plum purple ombre area rug and runner with textured striations

$36 / square foot

$36 / square foot

jute + wool stripe, indigo
$36 / square foot

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