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burkina wallpaper, fabric by the yard and linen pillows with patterns inspired by traditional indigo dying.


This collection was developed in collaboration with Habibou Coulibaly, the master artisan we have long worked with in burkina faso. Oversized swaths of each pattern were hand-dyed in natural indigo, and served as the source of our adaptation.

l’aviva home’s rendition of these designs — in both fabric and wall covering — captures the inky bleeds and saturated striations that give hand-dyed indigo its unique appeal.

blue indigo wallpaper with patterns inspired by traditional indigo dying.

Drizzle wallcovering
$70 / yard

Drizzle linen fabric
$145 / yard

Drizzle sheer linen
$145 / yard

Stone wallcovering
$70 / yard

Stone linen fabric
$145 / yard

Stone sheer linen
$145 / yard

blue indigo linen sheer fabric, perfect for light weight curtains.
indigo linen throw pillows

Drizzle linen pillow

Stone linen pillow

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