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“There is no new creation without a tradition that nurtures it, nor a tradition that can survive without a creation that renews it.”
– Carlos Fuentes

L’Aviva Home is an NYC-based design studio. We travel, build relationships, and work with skilled artisans to reimagine age-old traditions through the lens of contemporary design.

Exploring what connects us

Bound by a sharp eye and an adventurous spirit, we find inspiration in the unexpected alchemy of cultures colliding. We honor the ties that bind an object to its origins, and we understand luxury as a way of deeply connecting with the people and the things that surround us.

Creating across cultures

Our collaborations are intimate, exclusive and unscripted. We seek out the most seasoned, skilled artisans and immerse ourselves in the creative process, balancing openness and experimentation with diligent attention to detail. While we revel in the little imperfections that give hand-touched work its distinctive character, we approach every stage of every project with meticulous perfectionism — resulting in collections that are at once raw and refined.

Working hand in hand

A former Creative Director for Travel + Leisure Magazine, Laura Aviva spent years building a network of the world’s best makers before launching l’aviva home. With our collections, we collaborate with a global roster of master artisans. From our studio in New York, our team works with everyone from the design trade to luxury brands to private clients.

Laura Aviva, Creative Director and Founder of L'Aviva Home

Laura Aviva

Creative Director / Founder
Allyson Keenan-Threatt-Peters, Design Director for L'Aviva Home

Allyson Threatt-Peters

Design Director
Jessica Falconieri, Business Development for L'Aviva Home

Jess Falconieri

Business Development
Fiona Casson, Operations Manager for L'Aviva Home

Fiona Casson

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