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Our Atzompa Collection is created in the Oaxacan town of Santa María Atzompa, where the pottery-making tradition has roots tracing back to ancient Zapotec culture.

Building on this tradition, we formed a partnership with master artisan Eligio Zarate, whose family has for generations worked to bring innovation to this centuries-old craft.

Using a red clay that comes from local mountains, the pendant lights in this collection are first given form within custom gesso molds. Emerging from the molds, the repeating openwork designs—which play on motifs that are carved in to the stone at Mitla, the neighboring archeological ruins—are meticulously cut out one by one. Each piece is brushed with a white wash, or dipped in an emerald-hued glaze, and then finished in a kiln firing.

White ceramic pendant lights with geometric cutouts
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