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Graphic Werregue pendant light collection.


Our Werregue Collection lighting builds upon the basketry that has long been woven by the Wounaan, an indigenous group hailing from The Chocó, where the jungle meets the sea on Colombia’s Pacific coast.

Made from werregue fiber—harvested from a thorny palm exclusive to the region—the pieces carry a remarkable heft, and are characterized by a weave so tight that the vessels have traditionally been used to carry water from river to village.

Preparing the collected material involves its own distinct handiwork as the fibers are rubbed together rapidly between the weaver’s hands – the friction of which gives the palm strands a distinctive sheen. The weaving, which takes months to complete, is shaped into a spiral pattern; thick fibers are used as the “soul” around which thinner fibers are meticulously wrapped.

With each light, the streamlined brass hardware gives way to the organic nature of the woven shade. The bold, graphic patterning embraces the traditional narrative of these pieces, and portrays a mirror into the world of the weaver. Each is one-of-a-kind and embodies its own distinctive story.

Graphic Werregue pendant light collection.

Oso Hormiguero Pendant 2
13"Ø x 17"H


Tambo Pendant
13"Ø x 18"H


Escaleras Pendant
9"Ø x 15"H

Graphic Werregue pendant light collection.

Redes Pendant
8"Ø x 9.5"H


Serpiente de Verrugas Pendant
13"Ø x 14"H


Mariposa Pendant
15"Ø x 13.5"H


Místico de Sanasion Pendant
13"Ø x 9.5"H


Olas del Mar Pendant
10.5"Ø x 12.5"H


Nudos Pendant
14"Ø x 14"H


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