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Situated in southern Spain’s Andalusia region, the city of Granada is known for grand examples of Moorish architecture, including the famed Alhambra. It’s a place where cultures have always collided, and Islamic architecture co-exists alongside Catholic cathedrals. Granada’s rich culture blends deep Muslim and Romani influences, with Moorish design touches evident at almost every turn.
And it’s here, within this city, that our Granada Lantern Collection was born. Made in a generations-old workshop founded in 1911, the business is a family affair, currently run by the grandchildren of the founder. Having grown up with views of the Alhambra, detailed geometric handwork is a native tongue.
With our Granada Collection, that language translates as a marriage of modern and traditional geometries. Visiting the workshop is like stepping into an alchemist’s laboratory: you see tables strewn with cut glass, chisels, pliers, and brushes. Family members work side by side, masters of both glass and metalwork. It takes years of knowledge, learned in the hands, to make each of these hand-forged lanterns.
The process is painstaking, and involves upwards of 20 individual steps. Working from a hand-drawn template, each pane of glass is hand-traced and hand-cut. To create the frame that will enclose the panes, every bend in the metal is carefully cut and turned. The welder then fuses the frame, cutting off the slag as he or she works. In the final stages, a patina is meticulously hand-painted on to every fixture before a protective lacquer is applied.
Each its own world, a lantern contains multitudes of glass panes, a prism through which the spirit of a medieval Moorish past shines. At once simple and complex, the lanterns in our Granada Collection resonate across cultures.
handmade modern geometric glass and silver pendant light.

rombus, silver

granada lighting from l'aviva home. handmade black pendant light fixture.

alhambra 2, silver

rombus light fixture from l'aviva home. handmade brass pendant light.

rombus, brass, milk glass