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Bolivian Hammocks

Bolivian Hammocks


Boldly patterned, supple + luxurious, these hamacas atadas are the last word as far as hammocks are concerned. Long the traditional bed of the Guarayo Indians, their design has been fine-tuned over centuries. Incorporating a series of successive pre-Columbian techniques — from the spinning of the thread, to the weaving and braiding of the design, to the crocheted detailing of the sides — each hammock represents a month’s-worth of skilled craftsmanship by women in the remote village of Urubicha in the Bolivian Amazon.

This color – Chocolate – is to custom order. Please contact studio@lavivahome.com for leadtime.

Overall length (top of loop to top of loop) = 13’.
‘Bed’ dimensions = ~8’ x ~4 1/2″

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Weight 15 lbs
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